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Guven Business Group is a business consultations founded in 2008 and leading consulting firm in the area of digital marketing in Egypt and the Middle East. Our mission is to give our client’s brand visibility, increase their revenue, and streamline their processes.

At Guven Business Group we take pride in our successful stories from our clients in Egypt and from over the world.

Through our remarkable success stories since 2008, we have successfully benchmarked our finger prints over a board of different industries which include; oil and gas, health care, telecommunications, food and beverages, beauty and cosmetics, tourism, real estate, recruitment agencies and multinational consultancies, etc.

Our business is still growing and expanding in Egypt and the entire world, while our vision stays focused on our true north in each service we deliver as we are committed to continue our journey through “empowering our clients upon research, new methodologies, up to date solutions and knowledge.


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Do you want to build your app in Egypt? But you're afraid of coding. Creativity is what we in Guven Business Group excel in; we will identify the suitable application and build it to reach your customers in Egypt and giving them a special experience.


Content is the most important part of any marketing strategy, as it's a brand's voice that sends your brand's message. The content could be visual or written, whatever its type we will create it attractive and to grab customer's attention in Egypt.


In Guven Business Group we create a standing brand in Egypt. But how we create your identity? How we distinguish your product?
How we make your product or service the best choice? To start a new business in Egypt we think in building a unique brand first, by creating unforgettable logo and strong corporate identity. We ensuring your company will make a lasting good impression on the public


You want to grow your business in Egypt and create your website to be an interface of your brand, then you are just one click away from create your website and there is no need to know anything about programming to build your website. In Guven Business Group we will build your optimized website that will be a friendly to search engine and reach your potential customers in Egypt.


Many people are thought creating and managing an event in Egypt is so simple, as it's just a theme, a plan, and a goal, but it's a totally miss understand, event management requires a lot of hard work, skills and experiences. In Guven Business Group we are leading of organization, management, creativity, multitasking and personal skills.


Every company in Egypt must mark its current position in the market and look ahead to determine where it wants to go and how to get there, which determined with a detailed marketing plan. When we set your marketing plan we make it aligned with your vision and goals, which is should be measurable, as our aim in Guven Business Group is not just keeping your business on the track but we will make it ahead of competition in Egypt.


Most of users give attention just for first 3 pages in searching, and of course the top three in the first page are the most important. How to be one of search's results in first three pages in Egypt? How to make your website friendly to search engine?

In Guven Business Group with our primary in Egypt in SEO and SEM we will deliver your ads to your target audience using content that is highly relevant to them, recognize our needed keywords, Structure your website and use URLs which are friendly to search engine.


You need to start your online business, even if you have your offline business in Egypt you should stand it out in all online platforms, as the number of people in Egypt who logging to the internet in increasing every day. We will set your social media marketing (SMM) strategy to identify your competitors in Egypt and in the whole world; your audience's needs and recognize social media platforms that they are using the most.

Photo & Video

Among all the huge change in social media advertising in Egypt, live photos and videos are remain the most entertain content that attract customers and make them more likely to share and engage.

In Guven Business Group, we believe that one photo is worth more than thousand words. We figure out the meaning of quality photo in Egypt and how to shoot the best one and edit it, as we imagine a shoot, create a mood-board, find the best location, choose a suitable model and use high performance software for Photo editing. We work in a professional level to meet your audience's needs.

Business plan

To start your business in Egypt or to manage and grow your running one, then you needed for a written business plan.

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